About Us

Here at DEATH HIKE we unearth the most brutal designs to match the rigors of being a wildland firefighter. The long days, the strenuous hikes carrying a 30 pound chainsaw, feeling like you're getting eaten alive by fire beetles, all the gridding, getting cooked alive mopping up the desert, the infinite sticks and logs to pick up, the thick skinned mentality,  how you feel after not enough brushing, the mannerisms of a crew, and how much this shit hurts are lost on the basic "NAME OF FIRE HERE" photoshopped to some animal and a bucket drop, or satyrical logo. 
 We work on a handcrew ourselves out of Region 6 and we decided to put out our own shirts. We all find people buying camp shirts to commemorate a run they're on, but then let them sit unworn in the off season. It's time for shirts that capture the feel of the hill and the people who work there that can be worn any time. We want to have shirts that are more like the people we tend to meet. Tough folks who work to the bone day in and day out, season after season, metalheads, outdoors oriented, screw loose goofballs who we know would rather be in the woods or on a hike.   
Wildland Fire fighting is inherently dangerous as a job, and comes with its deep struggles of the off season, not something the standard 9-5 is used to. To do our part to help combat these struggles a percent of all profits is donated to support wildland firefighters and their families in need of assistance.
Suicide, drug addiction, alcoholism, on the job injuries, off season training injuries, intense isolation, lack of connection when returning to "city life", unstable work upon return, relationship issues/ divorces, drastically increased risk of lung cancer, destroying knees, death on the job, death of a friend/coworker/fire family all play a huge role in the off season battle the wildland fire community fights each year. Some members of the wildland fire community live year round for the chance to get back on The Hill. Some don't even live long enough to make it through the off season. Regardless of our struggles, we support our community however we can, and this is our piece. We appreciate you taking the time to read this, as well as to support us over here at DEATH HIKE Apparel.  We look forward to the hike! 
-All profits from the "Justin Tyler Forever" design go to support his family-